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What are loyalty points? 

Loyalty points are the points you earn on qualifying orders which then unlock Team Topsy vouchers.
These points are classed as pending for 14 days, to allow for any returns.
Once the returns period has passed, the points you've earned on the items you keep will clear. Every 500 cleared points you earn = £5 Team Topsy voucher which will then be applied to your account for you to select at checkout when you wish to use it. Points can be saved for high value Team Topsy vouchers. 

How do i earn loyalty points?
For every £1 you spend on qualifying orders, you'll be awarded five voucher points. 29 days after you place your order (to allow for the returns period) your points will clear and be added to your loyalty points total.

What is a qualifying order? 
A qualifying order is any order placed with a UK billing address where you spend a minimum of £1 on Topsy Curvy on any items, excluding gift vouchers or delivery charges. If you use gift vouchers or Team Topsy vouchers as payment for your order, you won't earn points on the value of the voucher used. 

How do my loyalty points convert into Team Topsy vouchers? 
For every 500 cleared points a £5 Team Topsy voucher will be automatically issued to your account for you to claim at the checkout. Vouchers will be issued in increments of £5. For example, if you have 532 cleared points you will be issued an Team Topsy voucher worth £5 and 32 cleared points will go towards your next voucher. 

What happens to my loyalty points if i make a return? 
If you return any item for a refund within 14 days of placing your order, the equivalent amount of points will be deducted from your pending points. 

If you return an item more than 14 days after the order was placed and your return is accepted, the equivalent amount of points will be removed from your cleared points. If a Team Topsy voucher has already been issued, this may result in a negative points balance. 

What happens when my loyalty points expire? 
Your loyalty points will not expire as long as Topsy Curvy remains trading.