Black Lives Matter

Please check out our brand new "Black Lives Matter T-Shirts where 100% of the profits will go directly to Black Lives Matter Leeds. Here's a bit more about this amazing organisation and all the links you need to follow them and donate.
"#BLMLeeds is a network, a place to get information, knowledge and advice around the BLM movement in Leeds. We provide information on things such as local events, support networks, campaigns and projects.
The issue of oppression occurs throughout the world and in many forms, whether it is police consistently murdering black men and women with no convictions, or black people drowning whilst trying to flee their homes, or communities dying from malnutrition – we understand it is global, and we feel the pain of all of our people. We are BLMLeeds and have committed to doing everything in our power to change the inequalities in our local community, whilst having the understanding, awareness and empathy that this is a world wide issue and aiming to connect wider"
Find out more here:
Website -
Facebook - Black Lives Matter Leeds
Instagram - @blm_leeds
Use their hashtag - #itstopstoday
If you don't want to buy a tee, you can still support this incredible organisation by donating to their Go Fund Me here